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Even though I spent a lot of my free time writing about food, I’d never consider myself a food writer. Food is poetry in and of itself, and it takes a special kind of talent to elevate the experience of cooking and eating food, beyond the sight, the smells, the textures and, most importantly, the flavor, with words alone. I can talk about food all day long but I can never find the words to compose the kind of poetry that most food demands  – and deserves.

I’ve been staring at this pie for the better part of a half hour, trying to determine what on earth words could contribute to this dish. This pie leaves no room for improvement that can be filled with words, however right, however eloquent, however evocative. This pie leaves me at a loss for words.

Instead, can I tell you how this pie came to be? I had a vision, you see. A vision of being one of those elusive People Who Are Good At Pie, someone who can just throw together the perfect crust out of instinct and that crust was somehow crispy and rich and delicate and flaky all at the same time. And chocolate. I did mention that the crust was supposed to be chocolate, right?

So I followed my instinct and threw together this crust that, in my mind and on paper, was simply irresistible. In my mind, it tasted like Oreo cookies, but was still grain free and, simply put, divine.

In reality, it tasted like chocolate packing peanuts.

As you can see, the pie continued to evolve to include a lightly sweetened (non-chocolate) crust, homemade dairy-free whipped cream and, of course, homemade Nutella Not-tella. You can get the recipe for the irresistible dessert on, where I am guest posting today!

Grab the recipe right here!

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