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Gwendolyn Knapp The hotel staff hands my cohort and me a Mardi Gras schedule. Tomorrow, Sugar Ray, v2 cigs 3 series a pop act from the late 1990s whose sound Id classify, along with fellow MTV TRL contemporaries Matchbox 20 and Third Eye Blind, as easily inducing the urge to kill, will be performing at dusk. Tonight theres supposed to be an umbrella parade, though judging by the heavy winds doing horrible things to the pool area, I suspect it might take to the sky Mary Poppins style, so we venture on toward dinner. Ive been advised to head to Gaidos. Even in the pouring rain, theres no missing it. It's home to the second-biggest kitchen in Texas, according to our server anyways. Its really nice in here, the cohort notes. You wouldnt know it from the outside, because the windows of the Gaidos gift shop are filled with hundreds of lemur-eyed stuffed animals. But Gaidos is swank, if in a beach town type of way. There is the gift shop, sure, but there is also the cocktail lounge with its velvet seating and glass-paneled shelving.

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