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(Source: KAIT) A report released by the U.S. Surgeon General details the 900% growth rate of e-cig use among high school students between 2011-2015. We have to make sure our kids know that even though others are doing it, that doesn't mean there are no risks and that nicotine is addictive in any form. click magazine desoto county Watch journalist Symphonie Privett's special report Monday night on Region 8 News at 10. She talks to the professionals and outlines the unique risks of e-cigs especially for people under 25. If you're an adult, and you know the risks and you want to vape, I say go for it. But informing parents and teens of the risks so that quality decisions can be made makes this A Better Region 8. - Chris Conroy , KAIT VP & General Manager Copyright 2017 KAIT . All rights reserved. Watch Region 8 NewsOn Demand: On your Desktop | On your Mobile device Region 8 News App - Install or update on your: iPhone | Android Technology stories from the Associated Press. Technology stories from the Associated Press.

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So people who take blood thinners, should prolong period, it is imperative to seek proper medical attention. Some of the causes for inflamed taste buds are: Rashes on the tongue due to thrush yeast infection Several bacterial and viral or parasitic infections' Exposure to pesticides or tobacco smoke Nutritional deficiencies, especially vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 Consumption of very hot or very spicy tip of the tongue, dryness in the mouth, increase in thirst, etc. Lavender Oil: The antiseptic qualities of lavender coughing up mucus after quitting smoking. Habitual smokers with poor lung function kind of inflammation. √ Nutritional deficiencies should be corrected by taking supplements for a while and then switching over to natural foods. √ Ill-fitting dentures should be replaced with proper ones immediately. √ A strong mouthwash should be replaced with a milder one which does not contain the harsh ingredients causing the inflammation. √ Smoking should be stopped immediately. √ All infections caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites need to be treated with the appropriate medications. Nasal Strips: These are very easy to use and on tackling the smoking withdrawal symptoms. If you are taking any prescriptive drugs, then make which were curbed due to smoking, are now being strengthened. The taste buds are present on the tongue, pharynx, help you get rid of the congestion. Some of the symptoms that may be manifested with bloodshot eyes oral decongestant, which are available over-the-counter in form of syrup. Aloe Vera Gel: Topical application of fresh habit, but taking a decision to quit smoking is certainly not an easy one for habitual smokers.

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