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fairydoor.jpg For some cognitive dissonance, try cleansing with a bar of soap shaped like a pile of sentient poop! Marijuana products were on the scene, given California's recent vote to allow recreational cannabis use, including Hemp Kitchen a hemp and/or cannabis subscription boxand Privee , a private cannabis social club. I was told by one vendor that certain celebrities were not allowed to pose for photos or be seen visiting the cannabis booths. Bummer for them! Have you ever had a cup of tea or a cocktail and wished it was attracting more attention, perhaps like some kind of beacon? You're in luck with Glo Drinks, a new company that produces plastic "ice cubes" that light up whenever submerged. The light goes out whenever the cube is not submerged, meaning a practical application would be at a bar with music so loud bartenders didn't even know you were thirsty until they saw your light go out. Or to convince kids that drinking their milk is fun! Across the way Is the discount rate from V2 Cigarettes searching for to get rid of tobacco cigarettes? was Unstick by Daughkun is a cooking aid that functions as a non-stick sheet which can be used in a pan or baking sheet.

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