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Our development team purchased a large variety of high-end cartridges used today by extractors and would not approve the final prototype until it worked with all of them properly. The MiniMax will be the first battery on the market with a 99.9% compatibility rating with superior power and functionality. I believe this battery will make old style vape batteries obsolete and could be the first of a new trend in vape devices," said Dan Hoff, VPR Brands, LP COO. "Dan and I were going over some older blueprints, ideas, and market trends which led into a late night brainstorming session where the concept and foundation for the MiniMax was born. Our design and development team then got to work and spent a considerable amount of time working on this product into making it as lightweight and high power as it is. They also added several consumer-friendly features like a micro USB charger and a key ring to make this the most convenient, discrete and best-performing vapor battery on the market," says Kevin Frija, CEO VPR Brands, LP. MiniMax vape battery will retail just under $30.00. This is a new must have accessory for anyone who enjoys vaping from smaller tanks or cartridges, especially those who use essential oils for medical purposes. The click it fix it MINIMAX will be available for pre-order on and will be distributed by Devine Distribution of Pompano Beach Florida . The product will be available in stores and online in time for 4/20 2017 and will also be distributed by and available for sale wholesale and retail through Vapor Nation About Vapor Nation: About Vapor Nation.

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