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Why or why not? 5 Answers Written May 23, 2016 You can, if you want to vape steam. But theres no point to it at all; youd barely even notice it. However, you will notice the burning flavor of your wick, as the water vaporizes so quickly that you will end up burning the wick. Thats why ejuices are thicker. 542 Views Not for Reproduction Written May 23, 2016 The temperature at which water turns to steam is much higher than the temperature at which e-liquids turn to vapour. It would require stronger heating coils and more battery power to get it hot enough than you get with an e-cig, so the likeliest result would be nothing beyond maybe a little fizzling sound near the coil. If you could get the water hot enough to produce steam, it would be so hot that drawing it in would scald your mouth, throat, and lungs. You know what happens when you pass your bare arm over a steaming kettle? Yow.

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